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Lifestyle Meditation Corporate Program

At Lifestyle Meditation we realize that all companies are unique and one-size does not fit all. This is why we spend the time to understand what your organization needs to be happier, healthier and more productive. 

From workshops and classes to team retreats and mindfulness challenges, we have a team of facilitators that are professional, well-educated, and passionate about supporting your company to reach it's health, wellness and productivity goals.

The Research is in and here's what it's saying:


Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Corporate meditation coach Golbie Kamarei, whose career involves both teaching mindfulness at work and studying the effects, led a survey in an attempt to prove the concept of meditation in the workplace. She introduced meditation and mindfulness to her company, BlackRock Financial and gathered the data. (Blackrock Financial: an American global investment management corporation based in New York City.  BlackRock is currently the world's largest asset manager with $5.98 trillion in assets under management) 

Here is some of the research she reported on related to the impact of mindfulness in the workplace:

    • 91 percent reported it positively impacted the culture

    • 88 percent would recommend it to a coworker

    • 66 percent said they felt less stress or had improved stress-management capabilities

    • 63 percent are better able manage themselves at work

    • 60 percent reported increased focus and better decision-making skills

    • 52 percent are able to better manage work relationships

    • 46 percent reported increased innovation and creativity

Several studies report that in Canada alone over $12 Billion is lost annually due to mental-health related causes. Further to that, the biggest growing concern might not be absenteeism, but presenteeism. Presenteeism typically refers to employees that choose to show up at work despite being physically or mentally ill. The results show a significant decrease in productivity, increased injury, and safety-related claims to name a few. Mindfulness practices not only support an individual's awareness around their own health and well-being, but have been shown to improve focus and concentration while boosting the immune system and regulating physiological functions that serve a greater state of overall health

Who have we worked with?  Just to name a few..



Who else is leading the way with Mindfulness in the Workplace?


Steve Jobs took a practice that worked for him and shared it with Apple’s corporate culture. He was considered a pioneer of “mind technology” when he introduced Zen mindfulness meditation to the corporate structure at Apple. Workers have access to a meditation room, 30-minute daily meditation breaks, and on-site yoga and meditation classes, which were all part of a process that Steve used to reduce his own stress, gain more clarity, and enhance his creativity.


Google was lucky enough to have one of their original software developers spearhead a program at Google that began in 2007 called, “Search Inside Yourself.” Google offers an on-site meditation space and meditation courses, believing that meditation can help improve not only employee mental health and well-being, but the company’s bottom line as well.


Yahoo offers meditation rooms and free meditation classes for employees to benefit from and reduce stress while at work. It seems that tech companies like Yahoo are the early adopters of the mindful meditation at work culture with magazines like Fast Company touting meditation as a “must-do” to get hired.


Proctor & Gamble (P&G)

When other companies were installing gyms, P&G CEO A.G. Lafley was starting a meditation instruction program and installing meditation spaces in P&G’s corporate buildings. He’s quoted as saying, “You cannot out-work a problem, you have to out-meditation it.”



Nike employs a mindfulness and meditation coach who recently led a workshop for a team of Nike employees. This team consisted of about 13 innovators who perform and execute significant duties for Nike—most of them are focused on leading the global brand in new directions. Mindful leadership events like this have become a benefit of working for the large sports brand.

Meet the Team


Mandy has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 20 years and has served her community as a high-performance physical and mental health trainer. She holds a post-secondary degree and has trained extensively in Carslbad, California with Dr. Deepak Chopra at Chopra University. As the Founder of Lifestyle Meditation, she has trained over 2,500 individuals and has worked with a wide variety of organizations in both the private and public sector. In 2016, she opened Canada's first mainstream meditation centre in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Mandy's teaching style is full of research, wisdom, and everyday practicality. Having been an active member for 15 years in the Global Entrepreneur's Organization (through her husband's manufacturing business), she has lived and learned the demands of building a healthy and successful business AND a healthy and successful life. Both Mandy and her husband (as well as their 3 children), are daily meditators and credit much of their personal and family success to their practice. 

Founder, Lead Motivator

Mandy Trapp


Jackie has been with Lifestyle Mediation since early 2017 and made the career change after spending over 20 years in operations and client management with ATCO Electric. 

Jackie's personality shines and she creates a warm and inviting experience with all of our clients at Lifestyle Meditation.

Operations Maven

Jackie Gilbart


Shauna McMartin joined Lifestyle Meditation in 2017 after completing their 200 hour meditation master training.  Shauna's diverse background brings experience from an entrepreneurial perspective, having opened and run her own yoga studio for 5 years.  Prior to that she was an Employee Engagement Consultant with the department of Corporate Human Resources in the Government of Alberta providing leadership, program development and human resource support and guidance throughout the GoA during her twelve year career there.  

Shauna brings the ability to blend an in depth knowledge and understanding of meditation and yoga philosophy and practices into the corporate and professional world.  She understands the stress of day to day 'survival mode' we can get stuck in and offers support for those who are feeling the effects of being trapped in the seemingly never ending cycle of stress from work which inevitably follows us home.  She's skilled in teaching techniques of mindfulness, mediation and breath work; and does this in an approachable, easy to understand, engaging and entertaining way.  

Corporate Motivator

Shauna McMartin