The Lifestyle Meditation Mindfulness Triathlon!

Grab your friends, grab your shoes, and grab your mat...this is going to be a ton of fun! 

Our Triathlon is all about connection, community, and rediscovering what lights you up! You don't have to be in the best shape of your life to participate, but participating will begin to shape your life into the best version of what's possible!

Check-in begins at 8:15am @ the Lifestyle Meditation studio: 10937-120 street

9am The Triathlon begins!

Group 1 begins with the walk-run with our inspiring run leader!

Group 2 begins with the Yoga Party!

10am Second Event!

Group 1 and Group 2 switch places

11am Coming Together!

Both group 1 &2 come together for a powerful meditation led by Mandy Trapp. Revived by Dr. Deepak Chopra, this 5,000 year old practice connects the practitioner back to the earth and the moment of their birth. 

12-1pm Celebration!

Stick around and invite more friends! Refreshments and light snacks will be provided. Also, healthy and happy lunch options will be available for purchase if you're feeling a little hungry after all your hard work!

This year we are stepping it up and inviting you to be a part of something BIG! 

At Lifestyle Meditation we believe that everyone is on a journey- a journey back to themselves, beyond the stress and chaos of everyday life, and a journey back to their hearts and rediscovering what matters most. We know that when people feel connected back to the earth, to themselves and to each other, incredible things happen. This is why for centuries, our ancestors have honoured and ritualized their gratitude for the earth, the moon and the sun. 

Summer Solstice is not only a time to pay gratitude for the sun, but it's a time of celebration for the bountiful abundance that it provides. Without it, none of us would be here.

Now is the perfect time to celebrate life, love and the light that consistently shines!!

On June 19th we will gather as individuals with a shared vision: to bring more light and love into our own lives and into the world...God knows our world needs it right now! In an incredible sanctuary in our own city, this converted church holds a powerful energy that will support each and every intention that is released that night. 

Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Lifestyle Meditation, Mandy Trapp, will lead and inspire the events of the evening which will also include a joy-filled and uplifting experience with Tiffany Jackson, "D'Orjay the Singing Shaman". Get ready to sing, to move and to be still with your heart. And be careful what you wish for, because after steeping your intentions in this much energy, you are going to get exactly that!!

Date: June 19, 2019

Time: 7- 9pm (Drinks and light refreshments to follow)

Location: 12530- 110 ave  (Please note that this is NOT at the Lifestyle Meditation Studio)