Whether you are looking for a better way to manage stress or perhaps you are seeking spiritual growth, it is important to us that we provide a wide range of possibilities for you to learn, grow, and connect in community. All of our workshops are taught by highly qualified and experienced facilitators in their area of expertise, in the safety and comfort of our centre.  

Introduction to Meditation

November 20
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Join us at Lifestyle Meditation for this 2-hour workshop. You will learn the basic science, philosophy and practice of meditation.


Get ready to bring a little peace into your life!


Great for beginners!


New Moon Ceremony

November 26
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The new moon is a symbolic portal for new beginnings.


A perfect time to set intentions for things you would like to create, develop, cultivate, and make manifest - the new moon is a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud.

Join us for this month's New Moon Ceremony led by The Witch Down The Lane 



Love Journey for Couples

November 30
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

In this powerful half day workshop you’ll dive into your Love Journey with your partner and together you will:


  • Create a foundation for your relationship based on what you value as a couple

  • Discover what can get in the way of your ideal relationship & create strategies that will help you get back on track

  • Learn the 3 types of listening for more healthy ways to listen and communicate from love, not stories and fear

  • The 5 Love Languages is a great tool in learning how to love in a way that feels free and is received by the other 

  • Look back and determine where you learned about love and from who, along with how did they love others, you, and life? That’s your imprint for how you love

  • Uncover what fear-based love looks like, and what unconditional love looks like. This allows you to recognize when you are in fear love and what the shift to the love side will look like

  • Understand the authentic masculine and feminine energies in a relationship and how to balance those together



November 23
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Join me, The Witch Down The Lane at Lifestyle Meditation for what can only be described as a day of Witch(Craft)s!

We will be spending the day creating our very own Yule ball or Witch Ball.

First gifted to me many moons ago, it has become a time honoured tradition to craft one every year for myself and others, to hang in the home or on my tree.


A Witches ball is a simple craft to bring together community and friendship, warmth and light in the dark season.


Along with the glass ornament we will be making an incense and burning a rune or symbol to fortify and seal the intentions of our craft!

If you want to add a small item (small enough to fit through the top opening of the ornament) to personalize your Witches Ball I encourage you to bring it!

I cannot wait to see you there!!

~ The Witch Down The Lane


Book Club Live Discussion

November 27
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

We can read all of the books we want, but if we don't learn how to integrate the lessons into our lives, we're no better for it!

In the Lifestyle Meditation Book Club, we will read one book per month, and discuss the lessons within. Here we will learn practical tools that we can use to pull these teachings into our day-to-day and create the life-improving shifts we bought the book for in the first place!

Join Mandy Trapp for a 2-hour discussion on the book of the month, and learn how to incorporate these valuable lessons into our lives!

November's Book: Born A Crime by Trevor Noah


Intuition Development Level 2

4 Week Series
January 16/23/30 & Feb 6
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

This 4 class hands-on series will help you strengthen your intuitive muscle with even more in-depth knowledge and experiential exercises to deepen your understanding of the world of energy we live in.


You will be taught how to practically use what you've learn in class in your everyday life, to navigate the world around you with more awareness.


We are all born with intuition. The more we use it, the more we find that we can navigate our lives with ease. Intuition is a muscle and the more we flex it, the stronger it gets. It doesn't mean life will be easy, but it does mean you have more tools to navigate the opportunities for growth that life is handing to you.


Pendulums 101

November 24
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Are you curious about how pendulums work? Have you wondered what types of questions you can ask your pendulum or how you ensure the source of the information received from your pendulum?

Whether you’ve used a pendulum before or if you’re brand new to working with one, Pendulum 101 will provide you with the knowledge & skills to dive into developing a relationship with your Pendulum. Together, we will interactively explore:

  • Choosing your Pendulum

  • Cleansing your Pendulum

  • Grounding yourself

  • Programming and verifying your Pendulums Source

  • Establishing a Relationship and Communicating with your Pendulum

  • Practicing setting intentions

  • Meditations

  • Questioning techniques & tips

  • Discussion regarding opportunities to use your Pendulum


Bright Friday Event

November 29
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Let your light shine during our 1-day Bright Friday Sale and Pop-Up Shop!

Have you been interested in taking any of our trainings, but haven't registered yet? Now is the time!

For 24-hours, we will be offering 25% off all online trainings, and 35% off all in-person trainings! Sale starts online at 12:01am and ends at 11:59pm (must be paid in full same day to qualify for discounts)

In addition, we're hosting a pop-up shop at the studio! Join us from 7pm - 10pm for a night of fun, community and of course - SHOPPING!

Retailers Include: 

- Kousa Cushions

- The Witch Down The Lane

- Vida Consignment

- Maggie Kozina

- Adonica Leggings

- Zyia Activewear 

- Altered Spaces

- Soul Journey w/Michelle Bateman

- and more!

In addition to these amazing retailers, we will be auctioning some amazing offerings, including:

- Private Hammock Meditation w/channelled reading for group of10 people (value $600)

- Cedar & Sage Acupuncture Treatment (value $150)

- Private channeled reading w/ Mandy Trapp (value $150)

- and more!