What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice that trains the mind to be more focused, concentrated, and in the present moment. The state of meditation is one that many of us experienced as babies and children, though it is common that we lose this as we become busier in our lives. The experience of an overactive mind (worry or anxiety) or an under active mind ( lethargy or depression) is common as we get older, however, it can cause poor mental and physical health. Meditation is an exercise for the mind that creates lasting benefits, such as greater peace, deeper sleep, and improved happiness as a result of retraining the mind to let go as stress arises. 

Is meditation religious?

We get this question a lot! Meditation is not religious and can be approached purely from a stress-reduction perspective. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by people of all faiths and can be an opportunity to either go deeper in your faith or to simply provide a greater appreciation for those in your life as well as the nature that surrounds you.  

How is Lifestyle Meditation different?

While we strongly believe in honouring all meditation paths and traditions, we do not practice any specific form of meditation. We aim to provide a balanced approach to meditation that teaches from a science, spiritual, and practical standpoint. All of our mediation classes, workshops, and meditation teacher trainings follow this path. 

Which meditation class is best for beginners?

All of our meditation classes at Lifestyle Meditation are catered to beginners, intermediate and advanced meditators. Even if you've never tried meditation before and think that you ABSOLUTELY cannot quiet your mind, we are always excited to help to prove you wrong! 

What do I wear?

Our first rule at Lifestyle Meditation is always that you need to be comfortable. Some people come in yoga pants while others wear business suits during their lunch breaks. Every now and again, we see some people rock their pajamas to our evening sleep classes! 

Do I have to sit cross-legged?

Absolutely not! But you can if you are most comfortable that way! We have floor chairs, cushions and benches for your comfort during meditation classes.


Can I bring my child to class?

We are huge fans of kids, teens and their adults practicing meditation... especially together as a family. For this reason we have created the Inspiring Families class on Saturdays that caters specifically to the growing brains of kids from 0-12. Beyond that, we welcome your teens and pre-teens to our classes. 

(also... keep your eyes peeled for our Calm Kids classes, workshops, and our Mediteen nights).

If I take a meditation teacher training, do I have to teach?

Our meditation teacher training has been designed to give you a greater depth of knowledge with regards to meditation and mindfulness as well as, most importantly, how to integrate these practices and perspectives back into all areas of your life. For that reason, we have many individuals that attend our meditation teacher courses as an opportunity to do some deeper healing for themselves and move beyond the frequent experiences of anxiety, depression or other stress-related problems. 

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