Level 1: Foundations

Session 1: Sharing the Science on the Impact of Stress

The Primal Stress Response

Shifting the Stress Response

The Role of Meditation

Neuroscience and Meditation

Session 2: Building Resiliency with Meditation

What is Resiliency and Why Does it Matter?

How to Make Stress Your Friend

The Role of Meditation

Session 3: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Meditation Philosophy

The Yoga Sutras

Modern Evolution of Meditation: Body, Mind, and Spirit

Session 4: Exploring Common Practices

Practices of Meditation

Meditation Templates: How to create your own guided meditation

Session 5: The Business of Doing Good

Speaking to Your Audience

Your One-Page Strategic Plan for life and business

Session 6: Introduction to Meditation

Your Role as a Facilitator

Setting up Your Session

Introduction to Meditation: The Workshop