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Our teaching philosophy

At Lifestyle Meditation we believe that you are already a teacher...whether you know it or not. In fact, besides monkeys, humans are the only other species that learn through observation (Hence the saying, "monkey see, monkey do"). Therefore, there's a very strong chance that you are already having an impact on others in your home, workspace and other environments. But the question is, is it the impact that you truly want to have?

Students of the certified meditation teacher training program come to us from all walks of life. Some are parents, teachers, corporate executives, health care workers, social workers and even students. And while their lives may look drastically different, what each person has in common is that it seems all have been influenced by the practices of meditation and mindfulness, and as a result, they desire to learn more about how to share the science, philosophy and practice of meditation in their homes and in their work...they just don't know how.

Through our meditation teacher certificate programs, we strive to provide all of our students with a depth of knowledge and the ability to weave and integrate it into what they already know. As we do this, knowledge quickly becomes wisdom, and everyone soon realizes the value in what they have navigated and learned in their lives so far. This becomes the platform for relating to others and supporting them on their own path of health and healing. 

Each of our mediation training programs is a blend of science, philosophy and practicality. We feel great importance in creating a safe space for all of our students to learn and grow, and focus on building a supportive and nurturing community that continues to nourish our teachers long after have they have completed their meditation teacher training. 

With over 2,000 Lifestyle Meditation teachers currently sharing what they have learned with Lifestyle Meditation, the impact is far reaching. From a hospital in Kuwait, to a surf camp in New Zealand (and everywhere in between), there is no limit to where this wisdom can take you.

Explore our Meditation Teacher Training and learn more about how you too, can join our global tribe of influencers and change makers!

Level 1


Deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world around you. Learn how to better navigate your stress response and heal yourself from the impact that stress can create. As well, this meditation teacher  training will provide you with the tools to become happier and healthier, while also giving you the ability to easily teach others to be the same.

Level 2


This meditation teacher training is a deep dive into the science, practice and philosophy of mindfulness and meditation. If you are ready to become a confident facilitator for others, this process will prepare you for all that may present.

Mindfulness Coaching Program

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a care-giver, it is important to have the right information, tools, and resources to support the mental and emotional development of our children. Perhaps most importantly though, is to provide them with the ability to navigate, with confidence, the swirling world around them.