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Lifestyle Meditation Mindfulness Coaching


About the Program



The Lifestyle Meditation Mindfulness Coaching Program was designed as a means to reconnect human beings with the 3 prominent relationships that they hold. The influence that these relationships play on the lives of individuals concerns the current state of the physical, mental and emotional health of that individual. These relationships are: Relationship with others (people and the environment), Relationship with the Universe (the Creator, Collective Spirit or God), and the Relationship with Self (the mindful witness). When these relationships are in balance, healing begins from the inside-out.


Rooted in the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda, the LM Mindfulness Coaching Program has a solid foundation that provides a clear snapshot of each individual, which includes specific mind-body typing. These "Doshas" (mind-body types) help to indicate the nature of each individual: physical make-up, mental and emotional processes, as well as common stress responses and communication styles. With this information we can assess what currently needs to be rebalanced (Ayurveda believes that dis-ease is an excess of some factor that needs to be turned down). The aim of this Mindfulness Coaching program is to focus on the mental and emotional health and begin to create strategic practices that will sustainably pacify the symptoms while empowering the individual to create lifestyle changes. 


As a coach, you will be educating and empowering your clients to begin to unpack habits, beliefs and behaviours that stand in the way of greater health in all 3 key relationships. This is an ideal program for you if you desire to make a deeper impact in the lives of others and have the ability, through the use of your talents and gifts, to recommend new practices and protocols, while holding space for their transformation. The information provided in this course will support you to assist others ranging in age from around 2-200, in leading a more balanced and mindful lifestyle.

The Program

The Process

The Lifestyle Meditation Mindfulness Coaching Program is a 4-part certification program. 

Part 1: Foundations or Foundations for Kids & Teens - Level 1 (to be completed in-person or online; cost for Foundations - Level 1 is not

 included in this program pricing).

Part 2: "Lifestyle Meditation Certified Mindfulness Coach" Home Study: Released February 15, 2019

Part 3: 4- day Intensive

Part 4: Practicum (2 clients over 12 weeks)

*Foundations (Level 1) was formerly known as 25hr. Learn to Teach Teacher Training

The Practices

As a Lifestyle Meditation Mindfulness Coach you will learn:

- How to properly assess each individual's fundamental nature (prakruti) as well as the imbalances they are currently experiencing (vikruti)

- How to write a treatment protocol for rebalancing and healing

- How to support others in creating greater awareness around their stressors as well as their responses

- How to support more effective communication for your clients and their relationships

- How to support nutritional needs of each dosha

- Dosha specific practices:  meditation, mindfulness techniques, yoga, exercise, breathing techniques, massage, sound therapy, aroma therapy, cleansing and detoxifying, Ayurvedic nutrition.

Meet your Facilitator

As founder and lead Educator of Lifestyle Meditation, Mandy Trapp has been an active part of the Health and Wellness scene for the past 20 years. What began as a career in physical training has graduated into a depth of knowledge about how all aspects of health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), interact with one another. Mandy graduated from Chopra University in Carlsbad, California as a Vedic Master Educator under the instruction and guidance of Dr. Deepak Chopra. As well, she has travelled extensively throughout India, Nepal, and recently spent a year living in Indonesia to steep herself and her family in an Ayurvedically supportive environment. Personally, Mandy uses Ayurveda as the foundation for nurturing her own health and well-being, and supports others in creating not only healthier bodies and minds, but emphasizes the importance of accessing this valuable information as a means to create happier and healthier relationships at home and in the workplace. 

Founder/ Lead Educator of Lifestyle Meditation

Chopra Center Certified Vedic Educator, HHP, PFT


December 5-8 2019

Edmonton, AB.


Early Bird – $2200 + GST  (valid up to 30 days before Part II)

Standard  $2800 + GST 

Deposit  $500 + GST  (non-refundable but transferrable) 

*Please note the cost for Foundations - Level 1 is not included in this pricing

Refund & Cancellation Policy

21-30 days, 50% of the tuition balance minus $500 deposit.

15-20 days, 25% of the tuition balance minus $500 deposit.

1-14 days prior to the start of Part II, or after the course begins, no refund

pay your $500 deposit to secure your spot!