Gratitude: 4 Ways to Incorporate Gratitude into your Routine

It’s Thanksgiving and in the spirit of the holiday, there’s no better time for quiet reflection and to shift our perspective by choosing gratitude.

Practicing mindful gratitude improves your emotional and mental health by increasing positivity, enthusiasm and joy. In some case, it can even reduce depression. Others have noted physical improvements from shifting their focus to gratitude as they sleep better and have more energy. Where do you sign up, right?!

Here are 4 ways to incorporate gratitude into your routine:

1) Morning Reflection: Before grabbing your phone to check emails or rushing immediately to get the kids off to school, take a pause to anchor yourself. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier to create space in your day. Take a few deep breaths and reflect on what you’re grateful for that particular day or in general. They can be big or small. This unstructured exercise will give you a positive outlook to jump start your day! Or join us on Sunday morning on Facebook for Soulful Sunday where Mandy leads a live stream meditation or discussion for mindful living.

2) Gratitude Journal: Yes, Oprah was right! Take 5-10 minutes a day to log 3 things you’re thankful for that are specific, detailed and different each week (if possible). The journal challenges you to look for new things throughout the week shifting your focus away from negativity on an ongoing basis. Also, expressing gratitude on paper acts as a constant reminder of your blessings and allows you to look back anytime you need a boost.

3) Take a Break from Social Media: We hear you say, ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, but let’s face it, Instagram and Facebook can lead to comparisons to others. You may find yourself focused on what you don’t have or how you or your life doesn’t measure up. For some, this discontentment can lead to feelings of unhappiness, anxiety or even depression. Taking a break from social media whether it be a few hours, a day or a week will help you be present in your life and allow you to practice gratefulness.

4) Gratitude Meditation: Switch up your regular meditation practice by reflecting on your blessings through a chant or mantra. You can tap into your spiritual side to increase positivity, happiness and overall well-being. Lifestyle Meditation offers meditation classes and workshops focused on calming your mind to stress less and smile more.

Lifestyle Meditation offers in-studio and online meditations for you to start your journey in gratitude. Let us start… we’re so thankful for you, our tribe!

Be Present.