Meet our Therapists: Harry Wojak

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Meet Harry, Registered Massage Therapist at Lifestyle Meditation

Harry has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) for what in 2019 will be his 20th year of practice which is 4 times more than the national average of 5 years! He transitioned into massage after spending a decade working for the Department of Justice as a Correctional Service Worker with Young Offenders.

Since becoming an RMT, he has worked with professional CFL teams, international Soccer and World Track and field members as well as Professional NHL players. That said, focusing on his day to day with his client’s issues is where his ultimate satisfaction comes from.

When Harry isn’t helping clients through massage therapy, you’ll catch him spending time with his wife and two daughters or recording his third full length Bluesy Roots Rock based album with his brilliant band called “AGE of the Willing“. (We’ll be looking forward to the big release!)

We asked Harry to share more about his practice and his journey:

What inspired you to become a registered massage therapist?

Once I had made the decision to leave the Department of Justice, deciding where to next hand my hat was the challenge. Friends and colleagues had commented on what seemed for me to have an innate ability for massage. I credit this to the fact that my mother has always had an ongoing issue with what is today very debilitating arthritis. When I was young, she would ask me to massage her back. It was here the seeds were planted for what later bloomed into a career spanning 20 years.

What kind of massage therapy do you specialize in?

I provide a benefit for a vast number of conditions. Typically, people would describe what I do as a “deep tissue“ massage for people with chronic repetitive strain disorders, sports related issues, pre and post surgical issues and those who have been in a motor vehicle accident.

Assisting the body in the breakdown of multiple adhesions which present themselves as a result of the above conditions and several others is what I specialize in. The amount of pressure I administer and what that feels like to the client is directly related to the condition of the areas being treated. I am never here to exceed what the client is able to comfortably tolerate.

Who can benefit from massage therapy?

Got stress? Mental? Physical? Emotional? Massage may be for you.

Got an injury that has resulted in a restriction of range of motion? Massage is for you.

Pregnant? Kids? Need time away and a reduction of daily stimuli? Try Massage.

Student? Drive a Bus? Sit at a Desk? Talk on the phone? Everyone can benefit from massage therapy.

What are the expected results from massage therapy? Are there any surprises?

My goal is always to see the client less. That said, some of my clients have been with me for nearly 20 years. You can only drive your car for so long before it requires maintenance. Your body is no different. The vast majority of my long-term clients are on a maintenance program (once every 4 - 6 weeks.) But when I first treat someone, depending on their presenting conditions, they may have to come in a few times with greater succession in order to break down the adhesions and scar tissue build up that is leading to the reason they are visiting.

Surprises? The gratitude and willingness to maintain the benefit of the massage treatment in the absence of promoting. People have seen the benefit of massage. It’s become a part of their Lifestyle.

Which treatments complement massage therapy?

Chiropractor, Acupuncture, Physio, Yoga, Meditation.

How do you incorporate wellness into your life?

Diet and exercise. I also spend a lot of quality time with my amazing family and I write music.

Which workshops or meditation classes do you love?

Truth be told I’ve only had occasion to attend a handful of meditation classes. They often times are offered at the same time as when I offer massage. I treat on average over 100 to 120 clients monthly. Trust me, it’s with every intention to attend meditation classes with regularity. Maybe in the new year I will be able to attend more often but, in the meantime, I love spending time at Lifestyle Meditation. In my 20 years of practice and my 35 years working, Lifestyle has become the bar to which places of employment should attempt to ascribe to with how it is the treat their employees.

Everyday has been a blessing for me to work there.  Next time you’re feeling tension in your shoulders or stressed, book a massage with Harry. Or if you want to treat someone you love to relaxation this holiday season, buy a Lifestyle Meditation gift card so they can enjoy a massage.