Meet Our Therapists: Roberta Shepherd

Meet Roberta, Flower Essence Specialist, Reflexologist and Reiki Master at Lifestyle Meditation

Roberta is a Holistic Health Practitioner who graduated from the Holistic Health Practitioner program at Grant MacEwan where she studied Herbology under renowned Edmonton Herbalist and Mycologist, Robert Rogers. She specialized in Holistic Nutrition and Flower Essences.

After graduation, she became attuned to Reiki achieving all levels including master’s level, which allows her to teach and attune others making her a true Reiki Master! Two years into her practice, she learned the art of foot Reflexology and became a certified a professional foot Reflexologist. Roberta has had the privilege of going full-circle by co-teaching Flower Essences at Grant MacEwan University before the HHP program ended.

Her love and passion are the art and work she does with Flower Essences. She is Edmonton’s Flower Essences Aficionado - the only person in the local industry of alternative health and wellness who works with the essence She works intimately with 166 different essences from Britain, California and Edmonton.

We asked Roberta to share more about her practice and her journey:

What inspired you to become a practitioner?

I always knew I wanted to be a health practitioner. When I was a child, I would hide the Nurse’s Encyclopedia - much to my mother’s dismay - under my bed and read it at night. I was inspired to become a practitioner by my attempt to professionally pursue the modern medical model. At the time (in the late 90’s), I was following a respiratory tech on their rounds and was hammered by the mechanical, sterile and clinical approach of the system. I knew that my heart and spirit could not handle a non-holistic approach to wellness. Upon pursuing Herbology in the year 2000, I was sold and enamoured by the sacred contributions of plants as medicine. I saw another way - a gentler, non-invasive, holistic and spiritual approach to health.

What are Flower Essences and how does they work?

Flower Essences work to return us to our natural states of being by the introduction of frequencies that match those natural states. For example, if you were seeking confidence, upon ingesting the Flower Essence for confidence (there are several), the frequency of that essence would awaken or amplify your own natural state of confidence - this is the phenomenon of resonance: the ability for one system to match and mirror the vibrational quality of another. A symptom of that awakening is the dissection or dismantling of everything within you that is NOT confidence. Therefore, Flower Essences work in a two-fold way:

1) They awaken us to our natural states of being (believe it or not, happiness, confidence, healthy boundaries, self-care, forgiveness, and unconditional love - to name a few - ARE our natural states of being), and,

2) They rub up against and therefore deepen our awareness around what it is we’re doing or not doing, believing or thinking that is keeping us from those natural states. With awareness comes change.

I have witnessed too many surprising results to name. Flower Essences help us to wade through all the shit that’s keeping us from the gold - our TRUE, authentic selves. Flower Essences slowly, surely, subtly and yet profoundly return us to ourselves.

Who can benefit from a treatment?

Flower Essences help to promote healing on mental, emotional and spiritual levels, which, in turn, profoundly influence the health of the physical body.

Flower Essences are for anyone who finds themselves in repetitive, subservient patterns, in pain and/or desperation, obsession, anxiety, depression… anyone who is “stuck”, chronically ill where “nothing works”. Flower Essences can help with body dysmorphia, self-deprecation, low self-esteem, repressed emotional material from the past, grief and loss, transition, heartache…

Most of all, Flower Essences are for those who are ready and WILLING to shift and change into Who They Really Are.

What happens in an appointment?

Flower Essences is interview style, where I ask as many questions as possible gather information about the client’s wellness on all levels of being: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. I am also a gatherer of stories, so I gather each client’s story, which I use to distill their core wounds as well as any deficient belief constructs or thought processes that are keeping them small. I am a liaison between the human world and the plant spirit world, so with my gathering of the above, I then communicate with the plant spirits (aka: Flower Essences) to come up with a blend of anywhere from 1-6 essences to meet each client’s specific needs. I make that blend on the spot and send the client away with an ingestible remedy in a 50ml bottle to take orally for about 28-30 days.

How do you incorporate wellness into your life?

I am an independent mom to a 9-year-old son called Caleb and a recovering addict with 5.5 years substance-abuse freedom under my belt. In my life, an important aspect of my wellness is my spiritual practice. I pray & meditate twice a day. I use my own favorite modality by taking Flower Essences regularly. I get my own blends through prayer and meditation since my personal blind spots are just as present as everyone else’s. I actively work a 12-step program, including writing out and sharing the 12-steps of Narcotics Anonymous. I receive Spiritual Release Therapy sessions, go for floats at Modern Gravity, go for group therapy once per week, and have a life coach that I consult with weekly. I always need to make sure to drink enough water and eat at regular intervals. I reach out to talk and share with trusted supports OFTEN to process my mental & emotional landscape.

Which workshops or meditation classes do you love?

I love taking all the meditation classes. I absolutely LOVE the New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies because they provide a platform upon which to shift in the company of others who are holding the same intention. They are POWERFUL based on the timing of them (being in alignment to astrological changes) as well as the collective experience.

If you’re interested to learn more about Flower Essences, book an appointment with Roberta! And for the month of November, book a 60-minute Reiki or Reflexology appointment or a blended 90-minute appointment and receive a Sunshine of Your Love custom-blended dosage bottle at 50% OFF!