The Benefits of Meditation: 5 Ways Meditation and Mindfulness Improve your Well-being

Mindfulness has become a buzz word lately and for good reason! Meditation and practicing mindfulness have become more mainstream as people seek balance and their capacity to manage the daily stressors of their over-scheduled, busy lives. Meditation is appealing not only for the sake of finding peace in the chaos but there are many benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

The power of meditation to create new pathways and essentially re-wire the brain is extraordinary. Every time we do various types of meditation practices, we become better at re-directing and controlling our thoughts. Each healing breath does wonders for our emotional and physical well-being as we sink deeper into a state of relaxation and new level of awareness.

Here are 5 ways meditation and mindfulness benefit your health and overall well-being:

1) Improved Focus: We can lengthen our attention span and improve concentration by flexing our “brain muscles” during meditation. Following guided meditations where you focus on an object, place, emotion or experience helps us improve our ability to direct our focus on a daily basis. (Try our LM Journey Meditation Class to get started!)

2) Reduction in Stress: If your mind has been racing on a loop and if you’re feeling stressed, quieting the mind through meditation can be effective in creating space and perspective. Deep breathing exercises along with dedicated time to sit and just BE help to calm the mind and lower cortisol in the body resulting in reduced stress. If you’d like to manage stress in your life, try the LM Breathe Meditation Class.

3) Better Mood: Increase feelings of positivity and reduce irritability with meditation and mindfulness. Our mood is often the culmination of feelings of stress, lack of self-care and perhaps negative or difficult experiences. When we shift our perspective and take time to reflect, we create space to handle almost anything with a more positive approach.

4) Positive Impacts on Mental Health: Multiple studies have shown that meditation therapy was “effective in reducing stress, depressive symptoms and anxiety”.* Anxiety and depression are becoming more prevalent and as we head into the holiday season, for many this can be a challenging time. Lifestyle Meditation can be a source of support and balance by spending time with your tribe. But if you’re struggling, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional.

5) Improved Sleep: Improve your quality of sleep and boost energy with meditation that promotes deep relaxation. Using meditation to unwind and release tension before bed can help you quiet the mind to fall asleep faster and stay sleeping longer. If you’re tired of being tired, join us at LM Sleep Meditation Class to learn techniques you can use for a good night’s rest.

Discover these benefits and more by visiting us at our Edmonton meditation studio or meditate at home with our new audio meditation collection, Practical Magic.