The Magic of Manifestation through Meditation: The 7 Days of Magic Challenge

Have you ever heard the expression, you get what you give?

It’s based on the law of attraction that says if we send negative or positive energy out into the universe, we’ll receive the same back. Maybe you’ve even noticed that when you feel down and beat yourself up, suddenly it can feel like everything is going wrong or you’re having bad luck. And when things are going well and you’re feeling happy or confident, opportunities start flowing to you in spades!

Manifestation is the belief that we can get what we want or need and shape our reality by taking control of our thoughts and influencing what the universe sends our way. Tapping into the energy, emotion and intention behind our thoughts helps us to become clear on what we’re offering up to the universe and receiving in return. Meditation allows us to take control of our thoughts and be actively open to receiving positive reinforcement from the universe. This is where the magic lives.

During meditation, we can be silent and quiet our mind from the distractions. We become an observer in our mind and hearts to gain clarity on our intentions and what we would like to receive. We can listen at a deeper level and become open to receiving messages, solutions or gifts from our guides and the universe. The magic of manifestation is when we create a vibration that brings your desires in and when we connect to what’s possible. We can self actualize abundance and love from within.

We want you to experience the magic this holiday season by helping you get what you really want and surround you in love. We want to support you during this chaotic time of year that can oftentimes leave you depleted, emotionally drained or feeling lonely. Join us for the 7 Days of Magic Challenge from December 18th - 24th, where we will participate in an at-home meditation practice for 20 minutes every day for 7 days. The online meditations will be hosted by Mandy Trapp, LIVE on Facebook or Instagram every morning from 6:30 to 6:50 am (MST) and are based on lowering stress and welcoming LOVE, gratitude and abundance.

For further support, you can also download Practical Magic, an online meditation collection, which is a unique compilation of lessons and meditations. The collection will introduce you to meditation as a daily practice to transcend everyday stress and access the higher states of consciousness that hold the key to unlocking the magic of manifestation in your life. This is perfect for the magical holiday season.

Join us in the 7 Days of Magic Challenge in a few easy steps:

1. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram by Dec. 17th and mark your calendar for Dec. 18th - 24th. Invite any friends and/or family who may like to join the challenge.

2. Optional: download the Practical Magic 6-track collection, to complement the LIVE morning meditations.

3. On Dec. 18th, join us on Instagram or Facebook at 6:30 am (MST) for a 20 minute LIVE meditation or tune in later when it's more convenient for you.

4. Feel the love and abundance of the holiday season!

If you have any questions, please pop over to Facebook or Instagram to post your question and don’t forget to share the magic!